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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9 th s. xi. JUNE 27, 1903.

eglos) may possibly stand for Cella Worm- holt.

There are three Ambles, of which Chapel Amble is Higher Amble, or "Amble Wortha." Copeland Borlase, in his ' Age of the Saints,' mentions a form Amblhell, but does not quote a reference for it. The necessary phonetic changes which would result in the production of Amble from Amblhell, and of the latter from Wormholt, though not easy to explain, do not appear to be impossible.

Some corroborative evidence is to be met with in the fact that the parish of St. Kew was anciently known as St. Doquin (see Hingeston - Randolph's ' Bp. Stafford's Reg.,' p. 271), in which name we have apparently a familiarizing Goidhelic prefix, and the older form of quin for win, the stem of Winnoc without the endearing diminutive oc. Dr. Borlase, in his 'Parochial Memoranda,' says that a chapel in St. Kew bears the name of St. Wenn.

There was more than one St. Winnoc, and the Confessor would seem to be Vennochus Britto, who suffered a horrible death in the year 586 C Age of the Saints,' p. 170). His name and its variations point to a Goidhelic origin or influence, whereas the place he died in is apparently Brythonic. One may con- jecture that Cornwall, which must have had in those days both Goidhelic (in the west) and Brythonic speaking peoples, was the birth- place of Winnoc " Britto," and was also the land where he died.


FKANCESCO GUARDL Can any reader of 'N. & Q.' refer me to letters or documents in England or in Italy relating to Francesco Guardi or any of his works (whether paint- ings or drawings) 1 ? P. F. S.


The late Mr. Philip James Bailey in 'The Mystic' (second edit., 1855, p. 74) tells of That Sabbatic river, which, to flow The seventh day, ceaseth piously.

He unfortunately does not furnish his readers with the name of this stream, nor say in what part of the world it is situated. Can any one tell from what source the poet derived this curious piece of folk-lore 1 K. P. D. E.

WHARTON = GRENFELL, GRANVILLE. Any clue to a marriage about 1774 of - - Wharton and Elizabeth Grenfell will oblige.

A. C. H.

CURATES OF NORTH HINKSEY : LEVINZ AND PATTEN. Richard Levinz, curate, signs the transcripts of North Hinksey, Berks, near Oxford, 1678. Thomas Patten signs the

transcripts as minister 1749, as curate 1754. I shall be glad of any particulars as to the above, when appointed, their parentage, preferment, &c. In whose patronage was the living at the dates given 1

R. J. FYNMORE. Sandgate, Kent.


Can any reader tell me the source of the following quotation ?

Oh, tell me whence Love cometh !

Love comes uncall'd, unsent. Oh, tell me where Love goeth ! That was not Love that went.

This is cited as ' Burden of a Woman ' in J. W. Ebsworth's Roxburghe Ballads,' vol. viii. p. 411. O. RITTER.


BARLEYCORN. It appears from the 'H.E.D.' that barley is from a probably adjectival form barlik. Has it not arisen from weakening barlikcorn to barlicorn ? An oatcorn is a much less familiar phrase than barleycorn.


"CARDS AND SPADES. The Citizen of Ottawa, commenting on the operations of the English in Somaliland, observes :

" The dash and bravery displayed by the little British force in the storming of Kano were quite up to the traditions of the service. The British officer may be criticized for lack of ' slimness,' but when it comes to leading straight into an ugly breach he can give them all cards and spades." What is the meaning of " giving all cards and spades " ? The expression is new to me. Is it American 1 JOHN HEBB.

EDWARD SPENCER. Can any clergyman find the birth of Edward Spencer in Warwickshire, date 1683 ? E. S.

CLARKE FAMILY. A few particulars con- cerning a generation of the above, connected with the town and county of Tipperary, appear in an old family Bible. I am endeavouring to discover the parentage. Are any of the names familiar in any Clark families ? James Clark, born 12 January, 1702 ; John Clark, born 30 May, 1705 ; Katherine Clark, born 6 March, 1707 ; Lettis Clark, born 7 May, 1710 ; Joseph Clark, born 4 November, 1712. R. S. C.

LORD MONTEAGLE'S HOUSE. Can any of your readers inform me as to the exact whereabouts of the house " at Hoxton " where Lord Monteagle received the cele- brated letter re the Gunpowder Plot? I possess a Jacobean mantelpiece which came out of a house formerly standing in George Yard, Whitechapel, reputed to have been the