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9* S. IX. FEB. 22, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


mit Fraw Warheit,' and that the story appears in a Danish translation of Pauli's ' Schimpf und Ernst.' In that curious and interesting book is the earliest example of the story which I have so far found :

" Es kameu einmal vier Jungfrauen zusammen und scherzten mit einander und waren guter Dinge. Die eine sprach zu den anderen dreien : Ach, nun 1st uns doch wohl bei einander ! Aber wenn wir einander gern wiederum hatten, wo finden wir einander? Und die eine hiess Ignis (Feuer), die andere Aqua (Wasser), die dritte Ae'r (Luft), und die vierte Veritas (Wahrheit). Ach sprach die eine, Feuer, wo findeu wir dich ? Sie sprach : In einem harten Stein ; da schlaget mit einem Stahl daran, so findet Ihr mich ! Da sprach sie : Luft, wo finden wir dich ? Wo bist du daheim ? Sie sprach : Ihr miisset lugen, wo ein Blattlein an einem Bautn zittert uud sich bewegt, da findet Ihr mich, da bin ich daheim ! Da sprach sie : Wasser, wo finden wir dich, wo bist du daheim? Sie sprach: Wo Ihr Binsen findet da grabet zu den Wurzeln ; da findet Ihr mich, da bin ich daheim ! Da sprach sie : edle Wahrheit, wo finden wir dich ? Die Wahrheit antwortete ihnen alien dreien : ihr lieben Sch wes- tern, ihr habt alle cure Orte genannt, da man euch weiss zu finden ; aber ich habe leider kein eigen Haus ; Niemand will mich beherbergen ; ich bin von Jedermann gehasst !"' Schimpf und Ernst,' yon Bruder Johannes Pauli. Ausgewahlt und sprachlich erneuert von H. A. Junghaus, Leipzig o. J. S. 9.

Thepreface to Brother Johannes Pauli's book is dated 1519. The manner in which the names are given suggests that the good Franciscan had before him a Latin version of the story. Some reader of *N. & Q.' may perhaps be able to point out the source which I have failed to identify. WILLIAM E. A. AXON.



Abdomenistic(notin). 1891, Roy Tellet, 'Draught of Lethe,' iii. 5, "1 am everything the other way, realistic, materialistic, abdomenistic."

Aberrometer (not in). 1895, G. E. Davis, 'Prac- tical Microscopy' (third ed.j, p. 183, "Like the aberrometer of Dr. Piggott."

Achromat (not in). 1901, Brit. Journ. Photog., 1 November, p. 694, col. 2, "The apochromatic microscope objectives first introduced by Abbe proved to be much more efficient in their correction for the secondary spectrum than the usual achro- mats."

Aerometer (not in). 1844, M. Hennell, 'Social Systems and Communities,' p. 212.

Adopter (cf. def. in Diet.). 1758, tr. Macquer, 'Elem. of Chym.,'i. 177, "These ballons with two necks are called Adopters."

Aerotonometer (not in). 1894, Times, 15 Aug., p. 11, col. 5, "Prof. Fredericq read a paper on the Aerotonometer and Gas-pipette."

Afghan (not in). 1887, F. R. Stockton, 'Hundredth Man,' xxii., " Miss Burns was crocheting an afghan.

She got the wools at cost price from the store

in which she was employed, and could therefore afford to make a tine large afghan."

Afternoony (not m). 1900, Huxley, ' Life,' ii. 96,

I here is something idle and afternoony about the air which whittles away one's resolution."

Agronomic. 1891, Times, 28 Sept., p. 13, col. 5, "Agronomic stations have been created for the purpose of enlightening agriculturists."

Agrostical (not in). 180J, Gent. Mag., i. 151 (rev. of Sonnini, 'Trav. Upper and Lower Egypt'). " Agrostical, p. 63, must be sought for in a botanical dictionary."

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con- than

. 1747, Gent. Mag., 172.

Algometer (not in). 1897, E. W. Scripture, ' New Psychology,' p. 303, "Experiments have been made on pains produced by pressure. The pressure algometer consists essentially of a strong spring, by means of which a rubber disc or point is pressed against the surface to be tested."

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Alternativeness (no quot.). 1844, M. Hennell, ' Social Systems and Communities,' p. 194.

Ambergris=3imbev (not in). 1575-91, Horsey, 'Trav.' (Hakluyt Soc.), p. 248, "A paire of per- fumed gloves and a chaine of ambergrsece, which the chauncelor receaved thanckfully."

Amberous (not in). 1890, Century Mag., Aug., p. 500, " Its chambers paved with amberous lights."

Amidol (not in). 1894, Brit. Journ. Photog. Aim., p. 830, " Diamidophenol or amidol, both as the chlorhydrate and the sulphate, was originally pre- pared by T. Gauche in 1869." Also, 1894, Amer. Ann. Photog., p. 182, " Solutions of amidol must be made with neutral sulphites." Ibid., p. 132, "The density of an amidol developed plate."

Amorphism. P. M. Roget claims the coinage of this word, 'Thesaurus,' 1852 (ed. 1875, introd., xxii).

Ampaline (not in). Gesner, ut supra, p. 94.

Amphimixis (not in). 1901, Nature, p. 482, col. 2, " The origin of a variation is equally independent of selection and amphimixis (Weismanu, 'The Germ-plasm,' p. 431)."

Anabolic (not in). 1889, Geddes and Thomson, 'Evolution of Sex,' p. 88, "The ascending, syn- thetic, constructive series of changes are termed 'anabolic.'"

Anabolism (not in). Geddes, ut supra, p. 122, " The upbuilding, constructive, synthetic processes are summed up in the phrase anabolism."

Anastate (not in). Geddes, ut supra, p. 88, " The various special lines of anabolism and katabolism respectively, and the definite component substances ('anastates' and ' katastates ') which it is the task of the chemical physiologist to isolate."

Anastigmat (not in). 1894, Amer. Ann. Photog.,

p. 10U, "The Anastigmat is the most rapid lens

I have tried." Also, 1901, Brit. Journ. Photog., 1 November, p. 694, col. 2, "The new glasses, called barium silicate glasses, without which the modern anastigmat could not be constructed."

Anastigmatic (not in). 1901, Brit. Journ. Photog., 22 November, p. 744, col. 1, "The anastigmatic flatness of field. *