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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9 th s. ix. APRIL 19, 1902.

TWV AevKwt/, which accompanied the army of Cyrus to the siege of Babylon, alluded to by Herodotus. He also records that amongst the Egyptians purely white oxen were sacred to Epaphus ; but one single dark hair was enough to exclude them as unclean. Do later historians corroborate the accuracy of these statements by Herodotus 1

J. LAWRENCE-HAMILTON, M.R.C.S. 30, Sussex Square, Brighton.


admitted to Westminster School in 1779. I should be glad to have any particulars re- lating to him. G. F. R. B.

JAY, THE WOODLAND BIRD. Is it known what are the origin and meaning of the word "jay"? B.

[The 'H.E.D.' declares it to be of uncertain origin. The French name is geai.]

CELLINI AND SHAKESPEARE. In ' The Capitolo,' verses written by Benvenuto Cellini during his imprisonment in the Castle of St. Angelo, there are, according to Roscoe's rendering, lines strikingly anticipatory of the passage in 'Hamlet' (I. v.) wherein the Ghost declares that he could a tale unfold that would make each particular hair of his hearer stand on end "like quills upon the fretful porpentine":

Staring aghast, I stalk about the room, My hair with horror bristling on my head Like quills upon the fretful porcupine.

Is the correspondence of expression due to the culture of the translator, or is it exactly justified by the original Italian ?


LANDGUARD FORT, IN SUFFOLK. In 'The Coinage of Suffolk,' published in 1868, written by Charles Golding, the following sentence occurs on p. 55, in a paragraph describing the copper tokens of Landguard Fort : " A MS. of Garrison orders and parole words in use at the Fort, together with the state of the Garrison and Fort daily, from 1701 to 1766 is in the writer's Suffolk collections." In 1897 I tried to trace this MS., but failed. It had, so Mr. Golding told me, been sold, but he could not say to whom. Can any infor- mation be given as to its present possessor or whereabouts? J. H. LESLIE, Major.

Hathersage, North Derbyshire.

WELLINGTON PICTURE. - Can you inform me m what periodical there is a picture representing one of Wellington's Peninsular victories ? It was after the battle of Sala- manca, Vimiera, or Talavera. It is a picture representing Sir Arthur Wellesley riding as

was his custom after a battle, on horseback. He passes a drunken soldier who is partly reeling with a wine bottle, the neck broken, and as he passes the man says (the picture is worded), "Nosey, it is ours." I have asked Army and Navy. I think I was told it was not theirs. I thought it was at any rate, it was a similar periodical. WM. TOWNSEND. Surrey Street, Sheffield.

CHARLES II. ON WEIGHT OF FISH. For generations Charles II. has been credited with puzzling the British Royal Society by a question. His question related to the weight of a fish, and he begged to know, since a dead fish in a pail of water increased its weight, how it came to pass that the same fish, if placed while alive in the same pail of water, added nothing to its avoirdupois. In reading Pepys, and indeed in other contem- porary reading, I find no allusion to this royal and riot uncharacteristic joke. How early a record of this anecdote is known to 'N. & Q.,' the readers of which, taken to- gether, are so much more learned than any individual ? JAMES D. BUTLER.

Madison, Wis., U.S.

[The late PROF. TOMLINSON stated at 8 th S. ii. 526 that this story was not mentioned in the works of Wallis, Sprat, Birch, or Thomson. The subject was continued in 8 th S. iii. 234, 377, 497.]

GANGANELLI'S BIBLE. What are its attri- butes ? How many known copies exist, and where ? CRESCENT.

NAPOLEON AND THE TEMPLE AT JERUSALEM. Is there any authority for the statement that Napoleon declared he would rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem ; also that he would rebuild Babylon ? E. LOMAX.

SIR JOHN OLDCASTLE. Is anything known of the descendants of Sir John Oldcastle and Joan, Baroness Cobham ?


46, Marlborough Avenue, Hull.

ARMS OF CONTINENTAL CITIES. Can any one refer me to any books showing the arms of continental cities, &c. ? It is strange, especially when we remember how these are displayed in every place, that no reference is made to them in the guide-books (Murray, Hcare, Baedeker), nor even in such encyclo- paedias as the 'Britannica' or Chambers's. It would, too, have been so easy just to give a woodcut at the head of each article or in the corner of each map. Lucis.

CIGARETTE-SMOKING. When and by whom was cigarette-smoking introduced into this country ? At first the classes usually smoked