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9"- s. ix. MAY si, 1902.) NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS.-No. 231.

NOTES : -Dibdin Bibliography, 421 Bacon-Shakespeare Question, 423-Praise of ' N. & Q.' R.-ssetti's Ruggiero and Angelica' Buckenham, 425 Toad Folk-lore "Uneda" and Old Contributors to ' N. & Q.' Hoyle on Backgimmon Yttingaforda ' Wisdom " in Ecclesi- asticus, 426.

QUERIES : Dawbarn's 'Builder's Price List' " Sixes and sevens "Ellis Euston Road Talboys Pedigree Alison's Rectorial Address " Cradel grass" Marks on Table Linen, 427 Overland Route to India Curious Bequest- Castle Carewe, Pembroke Aquarium Cartoons Kccleston 'The Dirty Old Man ' " The " as Part of Title- Cockade of George I., 42S Dr. Morse, of Barnet Proscenium Doors at Drury Lane Anchoress Eva, 429.

REPLIES : Unknown Fleetwood Pedigree, 429 Inglis MSS. at Oxford Genius and Insanity Smallest Church in England, 43J " In an interesting condition "Golf, 431 Portraits of Joanna Baillie Source of the Seven Ages " Five o'clock tea" Huxley and Darwin's Eulogies of the Bible Book-Titles Changed, 482 "Brod "Exhu- mation of Henry IV. Annunciation Tedula, a Bird R. Smith's Library Antwerp Cathedral Doset Hall, Surrey Duchy of Berwick, 433" Olive " : " Olivaceous " Kenyon's Letters Rene, 4'<4 Fashion in Language --.'History of Ayder Ali Khan,' 435 Rhodes's Ancestors- Greek Pronunciation St. Bees, 436 "Meresteads," 437 Koundsditch Parentage of Caesar Borgia Stamp Collecting, 438.

NOTES ON BOOKS : VizeteHy's Bluebeard ' Wheat- ley's 'How to Make an Index' 'The Owens College Jubilee Scottish Art and Letters.'

Notices to Correspondents.


(Continued from 9 th S. viii. 281.) A SUCCESSION of untoward events, coincid- ing with my arrival at a very rough place on my bibliographical road, brought me to a dead halt ; and the many occupations of a busy autumn and winter have deterred me an unduly long time from making a fresh start. To those who have taken interest in my task I owe an apology for this, and also for the fact that the section of the bibliography now to be presented is very imperfect. The period of experiment between Dibdin's final break with Covent Garden Theatre in 1781 and his success with 'The Oddities' in 1789 was one of great effort and little success. The first part of it was devoted to the Royal Circus Playhouse. He produced an opera, 'Liberty Hall,' at Drury Lane Theatre in 1785 ; com- posed six pieces for the Dublin Theatre Royal in 1786 ; attempted a satirical and critical journal the Devil, produced ' Harvest Home' at the Hay market, and commenced a musical tour, all in 1787 ; set out for India in 1788 ; and in January, 1789, commenced his

first table entertainment in London, 'The Whim of the Moment.' I do not pretend to have entirely disentangled Dibdin^ own con- fused account of this period of about seven years, or to have traced all his publications (many of an ephemeral character) during it. As regards the Royal Circus productions I am not even certain in some cases as to the dates or order of production, or if they were printed. It may be well to repeat that, as hitherto, all entries which I have not been able to authenticate by personal scrutiny will be marked with an asterisk. I take this

bibliography very valuable help, in materials for it and for my forthcoming Life of Charles Dibdin.

1782. (British Museum date.) *The Graces, an Intermezzo, by C. Dibdin. 8vo.

The Progress of Love, containing Love's Approach, Anxiety, Rapture, and the Wedding Day ; composed by Mr. Dibdin. Price In. 6V/. Lon-

don. Printed & Sold by J. Preston at his ware- houses 97 Strand & Exeter Change. Where may be had all this Author's works. Oblong folio, n.d., 12 pp. ; pp. 2, 3, and 12 blank.

I include this here, because one song is from 'The Graces.'

1783. The Cestus : a Serenata, performed at the Royal Circus, in St. George's Fields. MDCCLXXXIII. 8vd, paged 13 to 36.

Author's name not stated. This seems to have been part of a collection of Circus pieces.

The Cestus A Serenata as performed at the Royal Circus composed by C. Dibdin. Price 5s. London : Printed for S. A. & P. Thompson No. 75. St Pauls Church Yard. Oblong folio, n.d., engravea title in an upright oval, pp. ii and 26 ; pp. ii, 1, and 26 blank.

1783. "Harlequin the Phantom of a Day. 8vo. ('Biog. Dr.') 1783. * Lancashire Witches. Pantomime. 8vo.

1783. *The Long Odds. Serenata by C. Dibdin. 8vo. ('Biog. Dr.')

1784. *Tom Thumb.

The favorite songs sung at the Royal Circus, in Tom Thumb; Composed by Mr. Dibdin. Price In. London : Printed & sold by J. Preston, at his Music Warehouse, No. 97 Strand. Folio, n.d., 12 pp. ; pp. 8 and 9 blank.

Separate sheet song :

The Tinker London. Printed & sold by

Preston, at his warehouses, 97 Strand & Exeter Change. Folio, n.d., 4 pp. ; front blank. Price erased and Is. substituted in ink. Watermark date 1799.

This song has recently had a fresh lease of popularity in a clever arrangement by Mr. H. Lane Wilson, published by Boosey & Co. The above was from plates not engraved before 1788.