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for 15 and 22 November, 1890, and was re- printed in the Christmas number of the Detroit Free Press for that year. Next came ' The Light that Failed 'also omitted by MR. CRIPPS which was published in Lippincott's Magazine for January, 1891, and had such a large sale that separate title-pages were printed for it by Messrs. Lippincott and by the English publishers as under :

The | Light that Failed. | By | Rudyard Kipling, I Author of Plain Tales from the Hills,' ' Soldiers Three,' 'The Story | of the Gadsbys,' 'Depart- mental Ditties,' etc. | Ward, Lock, Bowden, & Co., | London, New York and Melbourne.

Another American book which is unnoticed by MR. CRIPPS is of some importance, as it contains the first issues in this form of pro- ductions by R. L. Stevenson and Rudyard Kipling. This is :

American Series. I American Notes, | by Rudyard Kipling, | Author of ' Soldiers Three,' ' Plain Tales from the Hills,' | 'The Story of the Gadsbys,' 'The Phantom 'Rickshaw,' | 'The Courting of Dinah Shadd,' etc., etc. | and | The Bottle Imp, I by | Robert Louis Stevenson. | New York : | M. J. Ivers & Co., Publishers, | 86 Nassau Street. 16mo, pp. 160.

Shortly after printing the first edition Messrs. Ivers removed to 379, Pearl Street, New York, and this address appears on the title - page of most copies. An immense number were printed, and the later issues are extremely common. The first impression was issued on 14 February, 1891.

Under the year 1898 MR. CRIPPS has

The Courting of Dinah Shadd. Brentano's. Ditto. Marion Press.

It may be noted that the second item is not a reprint of the story, but * A Contribution to a Bibliography of the Writings of Rudyard Kipling,' of which one hundred and twenty copies were privately printed for subscribers in March, 1898. It is really "a reprint, with notes by Mr. Paul Lemperly, of the corre- spondence between Messrs. Harper & Brothers and Mr. Kipling, relative to copy- right on the stories included in ' The Court- .ing of Dinah Shadd ' " (see MR. CRIPPS'S list under 1890), as printed in the Athenaeum, with Kipling's poem 'The Rhyme of the Three Captains' ('The Works of Rudyard Kipling,' p. 81).

I may add, in conclusion, that the American work from which I have just quoted gives lists of Kipling's contributions to the United Services College Chronicle, to the Week's News of Allahabad, and to 'Turnovers from the Civil and Military Gazette,' Lahore. In addition to the facsimiles it is adorned with a beautiful etching on Japan paper, by

Mr. T. Johnson, of the well-known portrait by the Hon. John Collier.

W. F. PRIDEAUX. 1, West Cliff Terrace, Ramsgate.

BARON DE GRIVEGNEE AND POWER (9 th S. vii. 409, 476 ; viii. 170). The following pedi- gree of the Kirkpatricks, from whom the Empress Eugenie is descended, though meagre, I believe to be accurate :

Thomas Kirkpatrick had issue James and Robert ; the latter had two sons. Thomas, and William of Conheath, co. Dumfries. William had (1) John, (2) William.

(1) John of Conheath had issue :

a. William Escott. Descendants living.

b. Thomas James, who married Carlota Catalina, daughter of his uncle William. Descendants living.

c. Robert.

d. Maria Isabella, who married Joseph Kirkpatrick. See below.

(2) William had issue :

a. Maria Manuela, who married the Count de Teba and Monti jo (died 1823), and became mother of the Empress Eugenie.

b. Carlota Catalina, who married Thomas James Kirkpatrick.

c. Henraquita, , who married Count Cabarrus. Descendants living.

The pedigree of the family from which Thomas James Kirkpatrick, who married Carlota Catalina, sprang is as follows :

James Kirkpatrick, born in 1668, left Scot- land in 1686, and married Anne Hoar, of Romney. Had a son James, who was the father of

(1) James, living in 1815.

(2) John, living in 1815.

(3) Joseph, sometime of the parish of Caris- brooke, in the county of Southampton, who married secondly, at St. Mary's, Woolwich, 21 April, 1796, Henrietta, daughter of Lieut- General Geo. Fead (see 'D.N.B.').

Joseph had a son Joseph, who married Maria Isabella, daughter of John Kirkpatrick Conheath, and they had issue :

(1) Isabella, who married Roger, son of Roger, and grandson of Sir James Kirk- patrick, fourth baronet. Descendants of Isabella living.

(2) John Everett, now living in Canada.

Traditionally connected with the Kirk- patricks of Conheath was Wm. Kirkpatrick, Bailie of Dumfries in the eighteenth century, who had issue :

(1) Henrietta, who married Capt. John Johnstone, of the Royal Marines, and was served heir to her father and her brother Roger 29 March, 1794.