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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9 th s. ix. FEB. i, 1902.

Kipling's books which forms a supplement to Mr. Le Gallienne's * Rudyard Kipling,' 1900. Further information he would also have found in G. F. Monkshood's book on ' Rud- yard Kipling,' 1899 ; in Mr. F. L. Knowles's 'A Kipling Primer,' 1900; and in 'The Kipling Guide-Book,' by W. Roberton, 1899. But the finest book hitherto published on Kipling bibliography has just reached me from America. It is entitled :

The Works | of | Rudyard Kipling | The Description of a Set | of the First Editions of | his Books, in the Library | of a New York Collector | with Facsimiles | [Monogram] New York | Dodd, Mead & Company | 1901. Royal 8vo, pp. viii-92.

This beautiful volume, of which only seventy- seven copies have been printed, including twelve on Japan paper, contains a large number of facsimiles of title - pages and wrappers, the latter being printed in the colours of the originals, and as far as possible on the same paper, and, in the slang of the day, is thedernier cri of scientific American bibliography.

I will now enumerate some of the original works omitted by ME. CRIPPS in his first list :

Schoolboy Lyrics. Lahore, 1881. Fcap. 8vo, pp. iv-46.

All these poems have been reprinted, with one exception, in the volume entitled 'Early Verse ' in Scribner's "Outward Bound " edition of Kipling's ' Works.'

Echoes. By Two Writers [Rudyard and Beatrice Kipling]. Lahore, n.d. [1384]. 16mo, pp. iv-7'2.

The thirty-two poems by Mr. Kipling in this volume have also been reprinted in 'Early Verse.'

The Seven Nights of Creation. 8vo, pp. vi. This is a privately printed issue of a poem in bchoolboy Lyrics,' and is probably the rarest ( MAC T^ e exce P tion of the two that follow) of all Mr. Kiphng's works. It bears neither date nor imprint.

Night - and other Sketch -

Of this edition only three copies were pre-

n rVe A i AT? lume contained 'The City of

Dreadful Night,' as reprinted in 1891, with

le addition of eleven stories not reprinted

Allahabad > !"

Of this book also only three copies were pre- WaS reprinted in l From Sea to



This story, with a different ending, first appeared m Lippwcotfs Magazine (see below).

Cleared. Edinburgh, n.d. [1891]. A private reprint by the Scots Observer of a poem that first appeared in that journal, and was afterwards published in 4 Barrack-Room Ballads,'

Good Hunting. London, 1895. 8vo, pp. 16. A reprint by the Pall Mall Gazette.

An Almanac of Twelve Sports for 1 898. Illustrated by William Nicholson. London, 1897. 4to, pp. 32.

White Horses. London, 1897. 12mo, pp. 10. A private reprint of a poem that appeared in Literature for 23 October, 1897.

The Absent-Minded Beggar. A folio leaflet. Reprinted from the Daily Mail of 31 October, 1899.

The Science of Rebellion. London, n.d. [1901]. 8vo, pp. 10.

The Sin of Witchcraft. London, 1901. 8vo, pp. ii-8. Reprinted from the Times of 15 March, 1900.

MR. CRIPPS mentions only the first and sixth editions of ' Departmental Ditties.' It may, therefore, be useful to give a list of the various editions of these poems until they assumed their final form :

First edition, Lahore, 1886, contains twenty- six poems.

Second edition, Calcutta, 1886, contains thirty-two poems.

Third edition, Calcutta and London, 1888, contains forty-two poems, one of which, 'Diana of Ephesus,' has never been repub- lished.

Fourth edition, Calcutta, London, and Bombay, 1890, contains fifty poems. This was the first edition printed in England.

Fifth edition, Calcutta, London, and Bom- bay, 1890. A reprint of the fourth edition with a new title-page.

Sixth edition, Calcutta, London, and Bom- bay, 1891. Contains the glossary for the first time.

Alterations were made in many of the poems in the various editions.

MR. CRIPPS includes in his first list two items which should not properly find a place there. One of these is the collection called ' Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads,' which is not an original work and was only published in America, and the other is ' Slaves of the Lamp,' which was originally published in Cosmopolis, and made its first appearance in England in book form in 'Stalky and Co.'

Turning now to the American list of Mr. Kipling's books, I notice that MR. CRIPPS omits the first original work of that writer which was issued in the United States. This is ' The Record of Badalia Herodsfoot,' which made its first appearance in Harper's Weekly