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Friday, May 14, 1847.—This morning Capt. Ayres very unexpectedly left the Castle of San Carlos with his command to join Gen. Worth's division. His command is composed of all diarrhœa blues, belonging to the different regiments of Gen. Worth's division. They were left at the Jalapa hospital, and he is now taking them to join their respective commands, Capt. Ayres' company, is now with Gen. Worth's division and he is on his way to take command of it again. It will be remembered that Capt. Ayres was the first one that planted the flag of our country at Monterey.

About 10 o'clock, a.m., an express arrived from Jalapa, with orders from Gen. Scott to detail three companies of the First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers to garrison Jalapa along with the Second Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. So, at noon, Cos. A, G and I left for that place under the command of Maj. Francis L. Bowman.

In the evening the water commenced running very slowly from the fountains. Col. Wynkoop, now Governor of the castle, sent word to the Alcalde of Perote that if he did not send the water on he would be obliged to send some few bombs from the castle into the city of Perote; and it was not long afterward when we had plenty of water.

Saturday, May 15, 1847.—This morning one of the artillerymen was assaulted by a party of Mexicans, one caught hold of his horse, while the others stoned and stabbed him in the back; he, however, made good his escape to the castle; he reported the same, after which a guard was sent to the town and was there joined and headed by the Alcalde, and searched every crack, corner and house until they found the parties, the would-be assassins. They were brought to the castle and put into a dark cell, there to await trial; otherwise everything was quiet.

Sunday, May 16, 1847.—This morning our company was notified to mount guard at 10 o'clock, a.m., but owing to a deficient number we were excused from duty to-day, and Co. F took our place. So a squad of us paid a visit to the