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drive these uncompromising Yankees out of this city, and he now appeals to the friends of the great Republico of Mexico to rise and aid him in the glorious cause; a cause which is for the Holy Catholic Church and his country's right. Rally! rally! take up arms and assist him, Gen. Rea, in his determination to strike the blow and drive the garrison of Puebla back to the Castle Perote, then he, Gen. Rea, would be able to cut up Gen. Scott's army in the rear, now before the city of Mexico; winding up by saying rally, rally Mexicans, and let us drive these Yankees who neither believe in God, Christ, devil, hell or anything else.

We all laughed at this proclamation, and we are not much afraid that the citizens of Puebla will rally around his standard or his holy cause, for they have been humbugged and bamboozled so often before that they will not be in a hurry again. In fact, even if they did rally, they couldn't drive us from our quarters without a great loss to themselves.

About 11 o'clock, p.m., the Frenchman, who by-the-by is a particular friend to us, came to our quarters and informed Col. Black that the Mexicans would make an attack on Fort Loretto. So, on the strength of this news, Company I and K, both of our regiment, were sent up to the fort to re-enforce the garrison, and the rest of our men were ordered up on the ramparts of San Jose, to be ready to assist in case of an attack.

Also, that the Mexican forces are now over three thousand, all under the command of Gen. Rea, but we don't care how strong the enemy may be, we wouldn't feel any ways uneasy, for we in our different positions are strongly fortified, besides, we have determined and pledged ourselves to hold on to our quarters to the last.

Our Adjutant informed us to-night, that we haven't five hundred soldiers fit for active duty, yet with this small force we have to hold three positions, San Jose, Fort Loretto and Guadaloupa Heights; besides this, we have a hospital of nearly fifteen hundred sick to protect from falling into the hands of the guerillas.