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Also frogs are for sale; some are yet alive, and others are cleaned, but they are only half as large as our's at home. Next I come to the volateria gallineria (poultry market) and game. Here you can see plenty of turkeys, chickens and other wild fowl, such as ducks, pigeons, partridges, etc. Turkeys are selling from 40 cents to $1.50, according to the size; and chickens from 12½ to 37½ cents per head. The wild ducks are shot on the surrounding lakes, they are in splendid order, and sell from 18¾ to 37½ cents per pair; the black malard are preferable. The greatest curiosity is the hare, which is in this market for sale, and brings from $1.75 to $2.00 a piece; they are three times larger than our rabbits, which runs wild with us. The partridges, pheasants and pigeons, or doves, are rating from 37½ to 50 cents a pair. The fruta gallineria (fruit market) is impossible for me to describe, as they are composed of so many different kinds. Also the vegetables, for they are the same as at home, and ten thousand different kinds besides. Green corn and ripe apples at the same time. Eggs are very plenty, but butter and cheese cannot be seen in all Mexico, for they don't know how to make it. Potatoes, squashes and all other kind of eatables are plenty, and cheaper than they are in America. From here I went to the passo, or Alameda Park, where all the beautiful senoritas get themselves, and take a walk around the shady and flowery walks. There is a splendid, fine avenue for the equestrians, and is shaded with some of the finest and largest trees I ever saw. It is about one mile and a half, all the way around. This is truly a magnificent place for the citizens of the city of Mexico to refresh themselves, and is constantly crowded with all kinds of people, from the hidalgos to the ladrones and leperos gentlemen, to thieves and beggars. It is strange, since our army has settled itself here, the Mexican damas (ladies) hardly associate with their own class of people. They want to go with us, saying Americanos mucho venusto (Americans are beautiful) Mexicans mucho feamente (Mexicans are ugly). They don't want anything to do with them.