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or three weeks for nothing. Fortunately, nearly all of our company lived in Philadelphia, and had homes to go to. They sent them to me, saying that I was a stranger in this city, and had no home. They came to me and offered to take me with them, as soon as I get my discharge, and keep me free of charge for several weeks. I asked them what kind of a place it was, and where it was. They told me it was a tavern up town. This was enough for me. I thanked them for their generous and kind offer, saying that I had a place to go to spend several weeks on the same terms.

At 11 o'clock, A. M, we received orders to have our muskets, accoutrements, etc., ready to hand over to the Quartermaster. At noon the Quartermaster made his appearance, when we were ordered to fall into line for the last time to answer rollcall, after which each soldier handed over his musket to the Quartermaster; knapsack and blanket we were allowed to keep.

After this we were handed our honorable discharge from the United States army.

The men soon afterwards gathered in groups, talking of the past, and what they would like to do, and what they intended to do.

They soon began to disperse in different directions, some going to their homes, while others, like myself, were hunting boarding-houses until they got something to do; all bidding one another good-bye as they parted.

It will be remembered that when we first started out into this campaign we were mostly all strangers to one another, but our long service in the Mexican War has formed such a deep affection of friendship ties in camp, on the glorious march, and on the battle-field, that nothing but death will ever break it. The parting was a brotherly feeling to one another, and particularly among the few messmates left.

Thus our enlistment and career as soldiers in the United States army of the Mexican War is ended, all well satisfied with the services and brilliant achievements they have rendered