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number of points and were therefore the thirty-six submitted to the three additional judges:

Ailen, James Lane, The Violet (Harper's, June).

Anderson, Sherwood, Caught (American Mercury, February).

Arbuckle, Mary *Fly Paper (Real Life, April); Mirage (Midland, September).

Bacon, Josephine Daskam., *A Different Country (Saturday Evening Post, June 7).

Banning, Margaret Culkin. A Great Club Woman (Harper's, November).

Barker, Elsa, A Ticket to Brooklyn (Harper's, February).

Bechdolt, Frederick R., Brazos (Cosmopolitan, August).

Beer, Thomas, Sophistication (Saturday Evening Post, October 11).

Benet, Stephen Vincent, *Uriah's Son (Red Book, May).

Boogher, Susan Meriwether, *Fear (Saturday Evening Post, February 23).

Boyd, Thomas, *The Uninvited (American Mercury, November).

Brady, Mariel, *The Autograph Album (Good Housekeeping, October).

Brinig, *The Synagogue (Munsey's, March).

Burt, Katharine Newlin, Triggerfinger (Cosmopolitan, June).

Burt, Struthers, Pepper's Ghost (Red Book, June).

Butler, Ellis Parker, Finding Mr. Wing (Delineator, February).

Caruthers, om, *What Killed Brush Flat (Collier's, May 31).

Clark, Valma, Crumbs (Holland's, June); Service (Scribner's, October).

Cobb, Irvin S., *A Crown Prince in Banishment (Cosmopolitan, June).

Connell, Richard, *The Most Dangerous Game (Collier's, January, 19);; Pieces of Silver (Century, September).

Cooper, Courtney Ryley, Voices of the Sea (Red Book, February).

Crawford, Charlotte Holmes, The Point of Recoil (Scribner's, October).

Crowell, Chester T., *Margaret Blake (Century, February); The Four Smith Gils (Pictorial Review, September).