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Davis, Aaron, The Polka-Dot Hounds (Saturday Evening Post, October 25).

Derieux, Samuel, Wild Bill McCorkle (American, August).

Dicken May Freud, *The Mouse (American Mercury, July).

Dickinson, Roy, The Ultimate Frog (Harper's, November).

Dobie, Charles Caldwell, The Cracked Teapot (Harper's, January); *Horse and Horse (Harper's, July).

Ferber, Edna, Our Very Best People (Cosmopolitan, March); *Holiday (Cosmopolitan, June).

Fitzgerald, F. Scott, Diamond Dick (Hearst's International, April); John Jackson's Arcady (Saturday Evening Post, July 26).

Frost, Meigs O., *The Challenge of the Snake (Short Stories, February 25); The Mirror of Courage (Collier's, June 28).

Gaither, Rice, The Phantom Taxi (McCall's, January).

Glenn, Isa Urquhart, The Shuttle (Scribner's, January).

Green, Paul, *The Devil's Instrument (Atlantic Monthly, July).

Hart, Frances Noyes, The Happy Ending (McCall's, October).

Hopper, James, Father and Son (Saturday Evening Post, October 25).

Howard, Sidney, *A Likeness of Elizabeth (McCall's, November).

Hurst, Fannie, *White Apes (Forum, March-April).

Irwin, Inez Haynes, *The Spring Flight (McCall's, June).

Jackson, Charles Tenney, For His Tribe (Popular, April 20).

Kelland, Clarence Budington, The Gate in the Wall (Saturday Evening Post, July 5).

Lane, Rose Wilder, Autumn (Harper's, June).

Lea, Fannie Heaslip, It Was Not Love (McCall's, June).

Macauley, Ward, Smilson (Scribner's, January).

Mason, Grace Sartwell, The Closed House (Red Book, April).

Miller, Helen Topping, *The Far Side of Thunderbolt (Pictorial Review, March).

Mirrielees, Edith R., *Professor Boynton Rereads History (Atlantic Monthly, August).

Morris, Gouverneur, The Mouse Woman (Cosmopolitan, July).