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Mosley, Jefferson, *The Secret at the Crossroads (Forum, November).

Mumford, Ethel Watts, Mine (Everybody’s, February).

Newman, Frances, *Rachel and Her Children (American Mercury, May).

Parker, Dorothy, Mr. Durant (American Mercury, September.)

Pattullo, George, *The Tie That Binds (Saturday Evening Post, June 28).

Pratt, Lucy, The Dark Gate (Good Housekeeping, October).

Rinehart, Mary Roberts, The Altar on the Hill (Saturday Evening Post, June 14).

Roe, Vingie E., Vengeance Is Mine (McCall’s, October).

Singmaster, Elsie, *The Courier of the Czar (Saturday Evening Post, June 7).

Smith, Edgar Valentine, Silhouette (Harper’s, May); *’Lijah (Harper’s, August).

Smith, Wallace, *The Man Who Loved Hate (Collier’s, September 27).

Spears, Raymond S., *A River Combine—Professional (Argosy-Allstory, May 3).

Springer, Fleta Campbell, *Tragedienne (Harper's, March); *Legend (Harper’s, November).

Steele, Wilbur Daniel, *What Do You Mean—Americans? (Pictorial Review, April); Lost at Sea (Pictorial Review, May).

Stone, Elinore Cowan, *One Uses the Handkerchief (Woman’s Home Companion, November).

Stringer, Arthur, The Cat (Cosmopolitan, November).

Suckow, Ruth A Start in Life (American Mercury, September).

Tarkington, Booth, My Heart (Ladies’ Home Journal, October).

Tarleau, Ysaye, Loutré (Harper’s, September).

Terhune, 'Albert Payson, Have You Seen Him? (Saturday Evening Post, September 13).

Van de Water, Frederic F., *Yellow Cargo (Saturday Evening Post, April 26).

Warren, Hamilton, The Faithful Image (Scribner’s, July).

Welles, Harriet, *Progress (Scribner’s, June).

Whitman, Stephen French, Cretheus and the Lions (American Mercury, March).