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Williams, Ben Ames, *The Wine of Violence (Ladies' Home Journal, May); His Own Petard (Collier's, September 20); A Finished Story (Good Housekeeping, October).
Williams, Jesse Lynch, The Actress and the Lady (Cosmopolitan, October).
Wood, Charles W., *Spook (Collier's, March 1).

The following list is of stories that rank next in merit with a majority of the annual committee.

Alexander, Elizabeth, Tyrant—Woman (Saturday Evening Post, June 28); Ties (Saturday Evening Post, September 13).

Andrews, Clarence Edward, Love in the Flea Market (Atlantic Monthly, June).

Bailey, Ledyard M., The Horse That Broke the Town (People's Home Journal, August).

Beach, Rex, Frenchy (Hearst's International, November).

Beaumont, Gerald, Flower of Napoli (Red Book, March).

Bechdolt, F. R., The Soft Side of Hate (Cosmopolitan, November).

Benet, Stephen Vincent, The Raveled Sleeve (Cosmopolitan, October).

Blodgett, Ruth Robinson, The Curve of Adventure (Saradner's, September).

Brinig, Myron, Maw (Munsey's, November).

Brown, Alice, The Girl in the Tree (Harper's, August).

Brown, Bernice, Freda Waldensen (Ladies' Home Journal, February).

Bryson, Lyman, The Cyprian (Atlantic Monthly, November).

Buckley, F. R., The Primitive Method (Adventure, November 10); Cartel to Wm. Shakespeare (Adventure, November 30).

Burke, Morgan, Champlin (Blue Book, August).

Butler, Ellis Parker, Mighty Tight Money (Woman's Home Companion, March); Green Paint (Saturday Evening Post, July 19).

Child, Richard Washburn, The Cat (Designer, November).

Clark, Valma, Superstition (Holland's, October).

Cobb, Irvin S., The Surprised Party (Cosmopolitan, August); Standing Room Only (Cosmopolitan, October); We of the Old South (Cosmopolitan, November).