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Connell, Richard, Only Three Hundred Dollars (Saturday Evening Post, March 29); The Wronging of Edwin Dell (Harper's Bazaar, May); Big Lord Fauntleroy (Saturday Evening Post, August 16); Cold-Blooded (American, October).

Cooper, Courtney Ryley, Circus Hearts (Macfadden Fiction-Lover’s, October).

Crowell, Chester T., Pariah (American Mercury, August).

Dickson, Harris, The Fight at Boggy Bayou (Popular, April 20).

Dobie, Charles Caldwell, The Dancing Girl from Pieng-an (Century, January).

Dold, Douglas M., Kalambo (Collier’s, August 23).

Ertz, Susan, Relativity and Major Brooke (Harper’s, April).

Ferber, Edna, Classified (Cosmopolitan, November).

Gaither, Frances O. J., Hitchcock (Ainslee’s, September); Poor Estelle! (Ainslee’s, November).

Glenn, Isa Urquhart, The Coffee-Cooler (Scribner’s, November).

Hall,Holworthy, Commencement (Saturday Evening Post, March 29).

Hull, Helen R., The Playboy (Cosmopolitan, April).

Irwin, Inez Haynes, A Mother’s Heart (Hearst’s International, August).

Kirk, R. G. Nemesis at Number Five (Collier’s, September 13).

Kniffin, Harryy A., The Name Forbidden (Delineator, April); Patchwork (Delineator, July).

Larsson, Genevieve, Ingeborg the Proud (Pictorial Review, June).

Lovelace, Delos W., Wheat (Ladies’ Home Journal, July).

McCutcheon, George Barr, Horatio Shard’s. Enemy (McClure’s, March).

Mathes, Hodge, The Linkster (Everybody’s, March).

Mellett, Berthe K., The Bacchae (Ainslee’s, March).

Morris, Gouverneur, Lady Bluebeard (Cosmopolitan, August); A Postscript to Divorce (Hearst’s International, September).

Mumford, Ethel Watts, Everything Money Can Buy (Hearst’s International, August); The Hat (Ainslee’s, August).