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Mygatt, Gerald, That's Human, Too! (Metropolitan, Janwary).

Paradise, Viola, A Calabrian Goes Home (Harper's, October).

Perry, Lawrence The Hired Man (Hearst's International, July

Peyton, oni Wetzell, Passage Money Home (American, A

Pierce, tan) Richardson, Kerry (People's Home Journal, Ma

Roche, Moy Somers, The Kiss of Papa Joffre (Cosmopolitan, a

Rossiter, William Sidney, Two Ivory Cupids (Adéantic Monthly, September).

Royer, Lucy March, The Doubtful Inheritance (McCall's, January).

Rutledge, Maryse, An Old Man's Fiddle (Collier's, June 14).

Saxby, Charles, After Eden (Delineator, March).

Scoggins, wo E., The Cherub (Woman's Home Companion, Ma

Sholl, Anna McClure, Pennyroyal (Woman's Home Companzon, November).

Singmaster, Elsie, A Man in the House (Saturday Evening Post,, February 9); His Wife's Money (Metropolitan, June).

Steele, Wilbur Daniel, Marriage (Pictorial Review, August.)

Storrs, Marguerite Lusk, Doc Queer (McCall's, April). Street, Julian, A Speaking Likeness (Saturday Evening Post, August 9).

Synon, Mary, Mrs. Hartigan (Good Housekeeping, July).

Tarkington, Booth, The Power of the Press (McCall's, January).

Terhune, Albert Paysort, The Last Adventure (Good Housekeeping, August).

Terrill, Lucy Stone, > That Broader Outlook (Saturday Evening "Post, September 27).

Train, Arthur, The Lost Gospel (Saturday Evening Post, June 7

Van Doren, Carl, The Shadow of a Triangle (Century, October).

Van Vorst, Marie, The Witch of Top-Hell (Pictorial Review, September).