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Walshe, Douglas, The Custom of the Country (McClure's, April).
Weimans, Rita, Matinee Idle (Saturday Evening Post, August 2).
Wharton, Edith, The Spark (Ladies' Home Journal, May).
Whitman, Stephen French, The Ladies of Boccaccio (Everybody's, February).
Williams, Ben Ames, Perfectly Absurd (Ladies' Home Journal, February); Northeaster (Saturday Evening Post, September 20).
Williams, Jesse Lynch, The Lovely Lady (Saturday Evening Post, April 19).
Williams, Margery, The White Flower (Everybody's, November).
Wister, Owen, Sun Road (Cosmopolitan, July).

The following summary indicates the year of serial publication, the titles of the stories, the authors, and the prizes awarded by the Society of Arts and Sciences:

  1. England to America, by Margaret Prescott Montague. $500.
  2. "For They Know Not What They Do," by Wilbur Daniel Steele. $250.
  1. Each in His Generation, by Maxwell Struthers Burt. $500.
  2. "Contact!" by Frances Noyes Hart. $250.
  1. The Heart of Little Shikara, by Edison Marshall, $500.
  2. The Man Who Cursed the Lilies, by Charles Tenney Jackson. $250.
  3. Special prize to Wilbur Daniel Steele for the best work of 1919, 1920, and 1921. $500.
  1. Snake Doctor, by Irvin S. Cobb. $500.
  2. Innocence, by Rose Wilder Lane. $250.
  3. Gold-Mounted Guns, by F. R. Buckley. $100.
  1. Prelude, by Edgar Valentine Smith. $500.
  2. A Friend of Napoleon, by Richard Connell. $250.