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"I'm not well. I told you that before," rejoined the girl. "I want a breath of air."

"Put your head out of the winder, and take it there," replied Sikes.

"There "s not enough there," said the girl. "I want it in the street."

"Then you won't have it," replied Sikes, with which assurance he rose, locked the door, took the key out, and pulling her bonnet from her head, flung it up to the top of an old press. "There," said the robber. "Now stop quietly where you are, will you."

"It "s not such a matter as a bonnet would keep me," said the girl turning very pale. "What do you mean, Bill? Do you know what you 're doing?"

"Know what I 'm———Oh!" cried Sikes turning to Fagin, "she "s out of her senses, you know, or she daren't talk to me in that way."

"You 'll drive me on to something desperate," muttered the girl placing both hands upon her breast as though to keep down by