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force some violent outbreak. "Let me go, will you,—this minute—this instant—"

"No!" roared Sikes.

"Tell him to let me go, Fagin. He had better. It'll be better for him. Do you hear me?" cried Nancy stamping her foot upon the ground.

"Hear you!" repeated Sikes turning round in his chair to confront her. "Aye, and if I hear you for half a minute longer, the dog shall have such a grip on your throat as'll tear some of that screaming voice out. Wot has come over you, you jade—wot is it?"

"Let me go," said the girl with great earnestness; then sitting herself down on the floor, before the door, she said,—"Bill, let me go; you don't know what you 're doing—you don't, indeed. For only one hour—do—do."

"Cut my limbs off one by one—" cried Sikes seizing her roughly by the arm—"if I don't think the gal 's stark raving mad. Get up."

"Not till you let me go—not till you let me