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INDEX TO VOL. XII ADAMS, W. L., author of "Breakspear" a melodrama entitled "Treason, Strategems and Spoils," 46-7; becomes editor of the Argus, 70; as editor of Argus^ strongly supports republican organization, 133. Apple Tree, the oldest seedling in the Pacific Northwest, 120-1. APPLEGATE, JESSE, gives picture of con- ditions fostering spirit of secession, ASTOR, JOHN JACOB, and his enterprises, 208-10; War of 1812 interferes with, 210-1; expeditions of, reviewed and results estimated, 217-9. Astor parties, overland journeys of, 213-6; discover the Oregon Trail, 215-6. Astoria, the possession of different na- tions, 212-3. B BAKIR, COLONEL E. D., comes to Ore- gon and conducts campaign, 301-3; chosen senator from Oregon, 319. BARKLEY, CAPTAIN CHARLES WILLIAM, real discoverer of Straits of Fuca, 60; voyage of, in the Imperial Eagle on Northwest Coast in 1787, 6-10; dif- ficulty of, with owners of Imperial Eagle, 8-10. BARKLEY, FRANCES HORNBY, wife of Captain Barkley, first white woman to visit Northwest Coast, 6-7; diary of, source of particulars of voyage of Imperial Eagle, 7-10. BENSON, FRANK W., notice of death of, 190. Budgetary practice in Oregon, 111-4. BUSH, ASAHEL, begins movement for party organization, 39; espouses move- ment for statehood, 76-7; real leader of democracy, 77-8; with Statesman becomes nucleus of Salem clique, 78: prestige of, 85-6; stand taken on Dred Scott decision, 162; editorial of, on squatter sovereignty, 254-5. Capitol location question furnishes line of cleavage for first party organiza- tions, 38; capitol controversy becomes violent, 44-6. CARSON, JOHN C, notice of death of, 192. Champoeg, state park at, 193. COOK, CAPTAIN JAMES, notices southern entrance of Strait of Fuca, 2; third voyage of, discloses facts relating to furs on North Pacific Coast, 207. DAVENPORT, T. W., notice of death of, 190-1. DAVIS, JOHN P., Governor of Oregon territory, 75. DEADY, M. P., contributes article on location law, 43. Democracy, Oregon, organization of, 35-55; solit in the party, 138-142; Dred Scott decision increases division of, 158-163; differences between based on principle, 301-6. Democratic discord in Oregon, 226-241. DORION, PIERRE, and wife, the parents of the first-born on the Oregon Trail, 164-170. Dred Scott decision in Oregon politics, 158-163. DRYER, THOMAS J., editor of Oregonian, 49; steadfast in Whig allegiance. 132; makes first determined assault on slavery, 134; becomes an advocate of state organization, 134. DUNCAN, CAPTAIN CHARLES, first voy- age of, on the Princess Royal, 14-6; first to give world any definite in- formation about Strait of Fuca, 16. Durhamites, 49-50. Flattery, Cape, named by Captain Cook, 2. Flax culture in early days in Oregon, 118-9. FUCA, JUAN DE, story of discovery of Strait of Fuca by, declared a fabri- cation, 2-3. Fuca Strait, claim of discovery of, by Spanish navigators, examined and re- jected, 3-5. GAINES, GENERAL JOHN P., unpopular as governor of Oregon territory, 37-^8; treats capital location law as in- valid, 43; message of, in 1852-3; arouses a storm of opposition, 44. Geographical names show poverty in words of modern man, 363-8. GRAY, CAPTAIN ROBERT, in sloop Wash- ington first to navigate Strait of Fuca, 37-30,