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390 INDEX GKEELEY, HORACE, holds proxy from Oregon at Chicago convention, -1860, 313-4. GROVER, LAFAYETTE, notice of death of, 191. H HENRY, DR. A. G., discusses slavery question cogently, 127. Hunt's expedition, identification of route of in Northeastern Oregon, 164-170. I Indian words urged for geographical names, 361-8. Imperial Eagle (the Loudoun, the voyage described, 6-10; log of, in possession of Mr. Justice Martin, Victoria. J.K Kansas-Nebraska bill in Oregon pol- itics, 125-135; resistance to doctrine of, 128-9. Know Nothing movement in Oregon, 62-74. Land funds, administration in Oregon, 108-110. LANE, GENERAL JOSEPH, appointed first territorial governor of Oregon, 36-7; gains popularity, 37; has presidential aspirations, 260-3; nominated for vice-president, 312. LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, candidacy of, urged by Simon Francis, 310; nom- ination of, received with enthusiasm in Oregon, 316. LORD, WILLIAM P., notice of death of, I2I-2. Me McBRiDE, GEO. W., notice of death of, 192. MCDONALD, RANALD, parentage of, 221-2; runs away to Japan and pre- pares for American access to, 221-3. McKiNLAY, ARCHIBALD, relates gun powder story, 370-4. M MARSHALL, WILLIAM I., made most thorough examination of sources of history of acquisition of Oregon, 374; in discrediting Whitman myth dis- parages Whitman, 376. MAY, S. E., embezzlements by, as sec- retary of state, 94-5. MEARES, JOHN explorations of, in the vicinity of Fuca Strait, 10-4; name written large in annals of Northwest Coast, 10 ; was in possession of copy of Barkley's chart of coast, 10-11; misrepresentations of, 11-14; examina- tion of his statement that sloop Washington circumnavigated Van- couver Island, 25-32. Monroe Doctrine first applied in Oregon diplomacy, 383-4. N Negroes, sentiment against, in Oregon, 125. Northwest Coast of America, the re- moteness of, before the third voyage of Captain James Cook, i; motives leading to frequent and thorough examinations of waters of, 1-2. Northwest Company extends explora- tions and posts westward, 207. Northwest passage, myth of, died hard, 2. Ogden "fountain" on Powder river identified, 115-6. Oregon, admission of, vitally affects development of national issue of slavery, 245-263; before Congress, 245-7- Oregon constitutional convention, 150-5; constitution adopted, 156. Oregon history for "Oregon system," 264-8. Oregon lands, constructive policy for, proposed, 117. Oregon political issue in, at the time of the election of the first territorial delegate, 36. Oregon political revolution of 1860, in, 301-324; only northern state to give larger vote for Breckinridge than for Douglas. Oregon statehood, first movement for, Si- Oregon territorial bill becomes a law, 35. Pacific railroad scheme a leading Whig party issue in Oregon, 57; repub- lican convention declares for, 135-7. Pioneers, the thirty-ninth annual re- union of Oregon, 192-3. Pio Pio Mox-Mpx, part of, in gun powder incident, 370-4. Popular sovereignty in Oregon, mean- ing of, 126. PRATT, O. C., Durham leader, confirma- tion of, as chief justice defeated, 53; aspires to succeed Lane as delegate to Congress, 79. Railway transportation to the Pacific Northwest, events developing, need for, 172-7; the rising tide of schemes and agitation for, 178-189. Railway, Pacific projects analyzed, 186-8. Republican party, name of, first as- sured in Oregon, 129-130; party; ad- dress issued in 1857, 137-8; principles declared, 1859, 251-2; republicans and Douglas men unite, 306-8; choices for president, 1860, 309-311.