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Page:Oregon Historical Quarterly volume 12.djvu/399

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INDEX 391 Salem clique, rule of, in Oregon pol- itics, 78-86; break with Lane, 247-9. Secession sentiment in Oregon, 325-37. SHEIL, GEO. K., elected in June, 1860, to represent Orgon in Congress, seat contested by A. J. Thayer, who was voted on in November, 1860, 351-360. SKINNER, A. A., candidate against Lane for position of territorial delegate, 54. Slavery did not and could not exist in Oregon, 12-5; but passage of Kan- sas-Nebraska bill made it a para- mount issue in Oregon, 125-6; Ore- gon in danger of becoming a slave state, 145; Oregon press on, 147-152. Slavery, state of opinion in Oregon as to power of federal government over, 253-6. Social income, portion of, set aside in Oregon for public expenditures, perils of, 89-97. Statehood issue lost in 1854; democratic convention declares for, 1855, but defeated by people, 76; next legis- lature calls for another vote on, 77; state organization promises only se- curity against distress of "bleeding" Kansas, 135; people committed to, 144. STEVENS, I. I., chairman of Oregon delegation at Charleston convention, SUMMERS, GENERAL OWEN, notice of death of, 121. THAYER, A. J., put forward by Salem clique to be voted on at November election, 1860, as member of Con- gress, and contested seat of Geo. K. Sheil, who had been elected in pre- ceding June, 351-360. THOMPSON, DAVID, details of travels of, down and up the Columbia river in 1811, 191-8; personal characteristics of, 199-203; Indians hindered from coming down the Columbia in 1810, Iff. THURSTON, SAMUEL R., election of, as territorial delegate, 36; death of, 40. Treasuries, congested state, 97-100. Treasury administration in Oregon, 89- 109. Treasury, public, in Oregon, a public snap for half-a-century, 100-105. Tree, lone, on the Oregon Trail, 117. Trust fund administration in Oregon, 105-108. u Union clubs organized, 330. Union movement in Oregon in 1862, 338-350. V-W Washington, sloop, first voyage of, on the Northwest Coast, 17-32; claim that vessel circumnavigated Vancouver Island based on Meares' map and statements, 17-8; critical examination of basis of claim of Meares, 25-32. Whig party organization in Oregon promoted, 56-74. WILKES, GEORGE, advocates transcon- tinental railway as a government project, 296. WHITEAKER, GOVERNOR JOHN, issues ad- dress to people of Oregon on political situation in 1860, 332; animus shown in appointing Benjamin Stark to succeed Col. Baker, 333. WHITMAN, MARCUS, needs no false glory, 377-8; why he made his famous winter trip and what he ac- complished, 380-3. Whitman legend, 378-380. WHITNEY, ASA, project of, for trans- continental railway, 180-5. WILKES, CHARLES, report of, on Ore- gon territory, 1842, 269-299. WILLIAMS, GEO H., appointed as suc- cessor to Pratt, 74; his "free state letter" reviewed, 152-3.