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Orphee aux Enfers.

All.No, no, no more netar, nor ambrosia!

Ven.We are all getting preserved!

Cup.We have sweet barley water in our veins!

Plu.They are right. They are right.

Jup.Then it is a revolution, and you don't blush to be headed by that bandit? who has just eloped with the wife of the fiddler Orpheus—the charming Eurydicea.

Plu.It is not true.

Ven.Well, and what of it?

Jup.What of it? and moralists and the opinions of mortals?

Plu.You have done a good deal more yourself, my little daddy!

Jup.I, never, good father, good husband, good . . . .

Plu.That is right. Let us talk about your domestic quality. You rebuke me for what I have done! Suppose they would remind you of that which you have done . . . .

Dia.I know lots of things about you.

Ven.So do I.

Cup.So do I.

All.So do we!

Cup.We have composed a song about it.

Jup.What . . . . I have an appointment with my architect.

Plu.You shall hear it.

All.You shall hear it.

Ju.It will be thy punishment!


Mi.To seduce proud Alcmena
You disguised as her husband.
With many women on earth
It would have been barely successful.
Ah! ah! ah!
Do not be so smooth-faced,
We know of thy pranks, Jupe.

Chorus.Ah! ah! ah! etc.

Di.Was it under the same cover
That you acted the day
When to elope with Europe
You wore the horns of a Taurus.
Ah! ah! ah!

Cu.To your beloved Danae,
As a shower you appeared,
But it was a golden shower,
That pleased her and she adored you.
Ah, ah, ah!

Ve.That swan pursued by the eagle,