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Orphee aux Enfers.


That Leda saved in her arms,
It was still you—fat mischievous god;
I was the eagle don't deny it.

Pl.What proves these metamorphoses,
That you are so ugly,
That to please you do not dare
Show yourself as nature made you.
Ah, ah, ah.

Jun. I can't stand it any longer, traitor, fickle man. (Jupiter endeavors to soothe her.) Go away! I hate you! I want a separation. (She falls into the arms of Pluto.)

Ju. I could not avoid it!

Pl. Why don't you rid me of your wife?

Ju. (Tapping her hands.) I swear it was before we were wedded.

Jun. Ah!

Pl. Why don't you take your wife.

Ju. All this is nothing but pure slander. I never loved any one but you. (To Pluto.) You are nothing but a slanderer.

Pl. Say no more—but why don't you take your wife. She bothers me.



Me. My lord.

Ju. Well, what is it again?

Me. My lord, two strangers request a hearing.

Ju. Their names?

Me. Orpheus. (Juno fixes her curls.)

Pl. Orpheus! See here, why don't you take your wife . . Well, she is there no more.

Ju. Orpheus, I'll catch him!

Me. Also a young fellow who styles himself Public Opinion!

Ju. Public Opinion! Mortals! Children, let us abandon intestine dissensions.

Pl. Don't receive them!

All the gods. Do receive them!

Ju. I shall receive them. I am Jupe, and justice is due to all! Ah, you tremble!

Pl. I, my lord! I tremble never! I am strong! (Aside.) I must be plucky. Let them in.

Ju. You dare give orders here! . . . . Let them penetrate! Let us be nicely grouped. Public Opinion is there. All for and by