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Orphee aux Enfers.

Ju. There is only one way not to throw off suspicion. I must return to the fete given by the idiot Pluto, meet me there under disguise, and when they will all be engrossed by the festivities, mix with my colleagues and I will fly with you.

Eu. The gods will what woman wills. Yours, Jupiter, forever! (Exit)

Ju. In one hour! . . Oh! I am a happy insect, (buzzing around.) (John enters with a flask in his hand.)


JOHN, afterwards PLUTO.

Jo. (Running after Jupiter as if trying to catch a fly.) Fly! fly! (Jupiter escapes—John comes to the footlights and sings with sentiment:)

Were I still king of Beotia!

Pl. (All excited enters from the back room.) Where is the fly? John have you seen the fly?

Jo., (wondering.) The fly; which fly?

Pl. Jupiter, whom smart little Cupido has recognized under the disguise of a fly!

Jo. Jupiter? (Sings)

Were I still king of Beotia!

Pl. What has become of Eurydicea?

Jo. Eurydicea? (Goes on singing:)

I had subjects and soldiers . . . .

Pl. Look at me a little . . ah! scoundrel, he has drank again . . and in the meanwhile he has allowed the other one here . . John, my dear John . . It is I, Pluto, thy good master . . Oh! the blackguard! . . Remember, remember—on thine own ashes . . the key of the park at least . . the key of the park . . . .

Jo., (singing:)

But some day losing my life . . . .

Pl. Perhaps were I to speak with him some other language he might remember . . Ricordati! . . memento . . Rappelle-toi . . myosotis! . . vergiss mein nicht! . . . .