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Then all was handsomely dispos’d,
She prays them to have care
That nothing hap in their default,
That might his health impair.

And damsel, quoth she, for it seems
This household is but three;
And for thy parents age that this
Shall chiefly rest on thee.
Do me that good else would to God
He hither come no more;
So she took horse, but ere she went
Bestowed gold good store.

Full little thought the county that,
His Countess had done so;
Who now return’d from far affairs,
Did to his sweetheart go.
No sooner set he foot within
The late deformed cote,
But that the formal change of things
His wond’ring eyes did note.

But when he knew those goods to be
His proper goods of late;
Scarce taking leave, he home returns
The matter to debate.
The Countess was abed and he
With her his lodging took;
Sir welcome home quoth she this night
For you I did not look.