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Extent of London.


To which (as his main if not his onely objection)[1] we answer: 1. That the London Bills appear in Grant's Book, to have been always since[2] the year 1636, as they now are.2. That about 50 years since, 3 or 4 Parishes, formerly somewhat distant[3] were joyned by interposed Buildings, to the Bulk of the City, and therefore then inserted into the Bills.3. That since 50 years, the whole |4| buildings being more than double; have perfected that Union, so as there is no House within the said Bills, from which one may not call to some other House.4. All this is confirmed by Authority of the King and City, and the Custome of 50 years[4].5. That there are but 3 Parishes under any colour of this Exception, which are scarce 152 part of the whole.

Upon the whole matter, upon sight of Monsr. Auzout's large Letter, dated the 19th of November, from Rome, I made Remarques[5] upon every Paragraph thereof; but suppressing it (because it lookt like a War against a worthy Per-|5|son with[6] whom I intended none, whereas in truth it was but a reconciling explication of some doubts) I have chosen the shorter and softer[7] way of answering Monsieur Auzout as followeth, viz. |6|

Concerning the number of People in London, as also in Paris, Rouen and Rome, viz.

Monsieur Auzout alledgeth an authentick Ac-
compt[8], that there are 23223 Houses in Paris,
wherein do live about 80 thousand Families, and
therefore supposing 3½ Families to live in every
of the said Houses, one with another, the number
of Families will be 81280; and Monsr. Auzout also
allowing 6 Heads to each Family[9], the utmost
number of People in Paris according to that
opinion[10] will be |7|
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