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Five Essays.

The Medium of the Paris Burials was not denied[1]
by Monsr. Auzout to be 19887, nor that[2] there died
3506 unnecessarily out of L'Hotel-Dieu; where-
fore deducting the said last Number out of the
former, the neat[3] standard for Burials at Paris, will
be 16381, so as the number of People there, allowing
but one to die out of 30 (which is more advantageous
to Paris than Monsr. Auzout's opinion of one to die
out of 25) the number of People at Paris will be
491,430, |5| more than by Monsr. Auzout's own last
mentioned Account.
And the Medium of the said 2 Paris accts is 488,055[4]
The Medium of the London Burials is really[5]
23212, which multiplied by 30 (as hath been done
for Paris) the number of the People there will be |9|
The number of Houses at London appears by
the Register to be 105,315, whereunto adding 110
part of the same, or 10331[6], as the least number of
double Families that can be supposed in London,
the total of Families will be 115,840[7]; and allowing
6 heads for each Family as was done for Paris, the
total of the People at London will be
The Medium of the two last London Accounts
is |10|
  1. 1686, 'was allowed by.'
  2. 1686, 'and that.'
  3. 1686, 'Number, the neat.'
  4. 488,055 should be 489,555; this mistake, continued through the subsequent calculations, gives rise to errors that are mentioned in the notes. But accepting Petty's mistaken "medium of the said two Paris accounts," his calculations are correct.
  5. "Really" apparently refers to Petty's previous use (p. 506) of 22,337 as the medium of London burials. He gets this new and higher medium by taking the years 1684 and 1685 only, instead of 1683—85, as in the Two Essays.
  6. 1686, 'part or 10531.' The '10,331' of the 1687 edition is a misprint for 10,531.
  7. 115,840 is a misprint for 115,846.