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Patents hinder working of Irish mines, 223.

Paternoster Row, mercery trade in, 381.

Pawnshops. See Montes pietatis.

Pearls, prices of, 624.

Peerage offered Petty, xxviii, xxix.

Peers, king makes, 631.

Pekin, population of, 508.

Pell, Dr John, Petty's letters to, lvi.

Penalties, 67.

Pendula called Swingswangs, 324.

People, value of, lxxi, 106, 152, 267, 454, 512, 564. See also Population.

Pepper imported from the East Indies, 296, 441; cheap, 275.

Pepys, Samuel, presents Petty to Charles II., xxi; appointed by James II. to examine Petty's Treatise of Ireland, 547; had MSS. of Petty's, xxxi n., lvi–lviii; letters by Petty to, xxviii, 546, 547 n.; his opinion of Petty, xxxiii; his relations with Graunt, xxiv, xxxvi, xxxviii, buys the Observations, 317; his opinion of Graunt, xxxviii.

Pennington, Sir John, admiral, letters to, 407 n.

Perceval, Sir John. See Egmont.

Perch, Irish, 172.

Perpetuanas exported from England, 296.

Persia, paucity of people in, 467 n.; prices in influence prices in England, 625.

Personal estates, value of, 106, 107; assessment of upon oath, 115.

Peru, silver in, 50, 181, 182; Peru pieces, 221.

Pesthouse, 337.

Pett, Sir Peter, Petty's letters to, lvi; his interest in political arithmetic, lxxvii; on the authorship of the Observations, xliii–xlv; his Petty MSS. 100, 124, 237.

Petty, Anthony, father of Sir William, xiii–xiv.

Petty, Charles, afterwards Baron Shelburne, lxxix, 238, 240, 450 n.

Petty, Henry, afterwards Baron Shelburne, 652.

Petty, John, Surveyor-General of Ireland, xxiv n.

Petty, Lady, marriage of, xxv n.; character of, xxxii; letter to Southwell, 238; to Edmund Waller, xxix n.

Petty, Sir William—Life of; xiii–xxxviii, birth, xiii, boyhood, xiii–xiv, on the continent, xiv, invents an instrument for double writing, xiv, 74, goes to London, xiv; Advice for the Advancement of Learning, xv, at Oxford, xv, professor in Gresham College, xv, xxxiv, xl; becomes fellow of Royal College of Physicians of London, 27 n.; appointed physician to H. Cromwell, xv, executes the Down Survey, xvi, xvii, 177, 614–616, is commissioner of distribution, xvii–xviii, arranges with Adventurers at London, xviii; attacked by Sanchey, xix–xx, defends himself in Parliament, xx, writes on his Irish experiences, xx, xxi, joins the Royal Society, xxi–xxii, reports on Graunt's Observations, xxxvi, 317; builds his "double bottom," xxii–xxiii, his lands in Ireland secured at the Restoration, xxiii–xxiv, his activity, l; knighted, xxiv, removes to Ireland, xxiv, investigates Dublin bills, 398 n.; assists Graunt, xxxvii; loses lands, 264 n.; builds a colony at Kenmare, xxv–xxvi, bids for farm of Irish taxes, xxvi–xxvii, writes Political Anatomy (1672) and Political Anthmetick (1676), xxvii, is arrested, xxviii, becomes charter member of the College of Physicians of Dublin, 165, seeks to become a member of the Irish Council, xxviii–xxix, war with the farmers, xxix, xl; his duel, 77 n.; establishes Dublin Philosophical Society, xxx, strives to influence Irish policy of James II., xxx–xxxi, his health impaired, xxxi, 450; his death, xxxi–xxii; his marriage, xxxii, opinions of his friends, xxxii–xxxiii; his portrait engraved by Sandys, 652.

Petty, Sir William—Writings: vii, lx–lxxiv, bibliography of, 633–657; habit of writing, lv; MSS. xxxvii n.,