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Population of London


at all for our Preaching Auditories, but rather the Figure of an Amphi-Theater with Galleries, gradually over-look-|79|ing each other: for unto this Condition the Parish-Churches of London are driving apace, as appears by the many Galleries every day built in them.

5. Moreover, if Parishes were brought to the size of Coalman-street, Alhallows-Barking, Christ-Church, Black-Friers, &c. in each whereof die between 100 and 150 per Annum, then an hundred Parishes would be a fit and equal Division of this great charge, and all the Ministers (some whereof have now scarce fourty pounds per Annum) might obtain a subsistence.

6. And lastly, The Church-Wardens and Over-seers of the Poor might find it possible to discharge their Duties, whereas now in the greater Out-Parishes many of the poorer Parishioners through neglect do perish, and many vicious persons get liberty to live as they please, for want of some heedful Eye to overlook them. |80|


Of the number of Inhabitants.

1.  I Have been several times in company with men of great experience in this City, and have heard them talk seldom under Millions of People to be in London[1]: all which I was apt enough to believe, until, on a certain day, one of eminent Reputation was upon occasion asserting, That there was in the year 1661 two Millions of People more than Anno 1625 before the great Plague. I must confess, that, until this provocation, I had been frighted, with that mis-understood

  1. The Scots Scouts Discoveries declared that in 1639 London contained 100000 Frenchmen and Dutchmen. Morgan, Phoenix Britannicus, 463. Howell estimated that in 1657 the various parts of London "with divers more which are contiguous and one entire piece with London herself" had a population of a million and a half. Londonopolis, 403.