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at 4 Leagues distance: Of which I intend you more particulars hereafter.

Among them are expected the Length of these Telescopes, and the Largeness of the Aperture of their Object-glasses. In the mean time, the Parabolic-glasses, formerly mentioned to be in hand here at London, are finishing with all possible care and industry.

A Further Relation of the Whale-fishing about the Bermudas, and on the Coast of New-England and New-Netherland.

The same Person, that communicated the particulars about the new Whale-fishing near the Bermudas, mentioned in the first of these Tracts, gives this further Information; That there have been since taken by order of the Bermudas Company, sixteen of those Whales, the Oyle whereof, to the quantity of 50 or 60 Tuns arrived in Ireland at Limrick, some few months agoe.

He adds, that about two years since, there stranded upon the Coast of New-England a dead Whale, of that sort, which they call Trumpo, having Teeth resembling those of a Mill, and its mouth at a good distance from, and under the Nose or Trunk, and several boxes or partitions in the Nose, like those of the Tailes in Lobsters; and that that being open'd there run out of it a thin oily substance, which would candy in time; after which, the remainder, being a thick fatty substance, was taken out of the same part, with a scoope, And this substance he affirmed to be the Sperma ceti; adding further, that the Blubber, as they call it, it self, of the same sort of Whales, when stewed, yields on the top a creamy substance, which taken off, and thrown upon white wine[errata 1], lets fall a dirty heterogeneous sediment, but what remains aloft, affords a Sperma-Ceti-like like matter.

  1. Original: lime was amended to wine: detail