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I. The Croonian Lecture on muscular Motion. By Anthony Carlisle, Esq. 1
III. An Essay on the Cohesion of Fluids. By Thomas Young, M.D. For. Sec. R.S.p. 71
IV. Concerning the State in which the true Sap of Trees is deposited during Winter. In a Letter from Thomas Andrew Knight, Esq. to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. K.B. P.R.S.p. 88
V. On the Action of Platina and Mercury upon each other. By Richard Chenevix, Esq. F.R.S. M.R.I.A. &c.p. 104
VI. An Investigation of all the Changes of the variable Star in Sobieski's Shield, from five Year's Observations, exhibiting its proportional illuminated Parts, and its Irregularities of Rotation; with Conjectures respecting unenlightened heavenly Bodies. By Edward Pigott, Esq. In a Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, K.B. P.R.S.p. 131