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MY acquaintance with T. Subba Row began at the end of 1884, when I came here to Madras and settled down with the intention of practising in the High Court. It was at the Theosophical Convention of 1884 that I first met him, and from the very first moment became so deeply attracted to him as to make it difficult for me to understand why it was so. My admiration of his ability was so great that I began to look upon him almost from that time as a great man. He was a very well-made robust man, and strikingly intellectual. When H. P. B. was here, he was known to be a great favourite of hers. It was said that he first attracted her attention by a paper called " The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac ", which was afterwards published. At the Convention, there was much talk on various topics, and he always spoke with decision, and his views carried great weight. But he spoke little and only what was necessary. There was then a small committee of which Colonel Olcott was the President. Subba Row was one of the members of this and R. Raghunatha Row, P. Srinivasa Row and