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But, when I carefully looked at them, I saw that though they possessed some of the characteristics, of baboons, they had others totally different.

The one in which they most differed from monkeys, was that they stood perfectly erect, and walked like human beings.

Their legs were perfectly white, with no hair.

Their heads were small, out of proportion to their bodies, and set in level with their shoulders, apparently without any neck.

Their eyes were large and almond-shaped.

Their foreheads retreating like a baboon's, their under jaws very prominent, with mobile lips which they moved about in the strangest manner as they talked to each other.

As they opened their mouths to bite the fungi, I saw rows of strong white teeth.

The noses of some of them were not like a baboon's, but were set between their eyes, in others, they resembled that of a dog.

I could hear the gnashing of their teeth as they chewed the fungi.

From the neck to below their loins they were covered with long, lank, coarse, bluish-white hair from beneath which their thin, white legs extended.

Their arms were long and sinewy, reaching nearly to the ground like those of a baboon, and