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covered with hair much finer than that on the body.

Some had short, rudimentary tails; others none.

One seemed to be the leader, and directed their movements.

He was a great deal more human-looking than the rest, and for a moment, on first seeing him, I thought he was a European.

His legs were much fatter than those of the others; his arms much shorter, with hardly any hair on; his head set better on his shoulders, with much smaller ears, and covered with short fine hair.

In fact he did not look much worse than many men I have occasionally seen bathing, except for his head, which had the retreating forehead and projecting under jaw of an ape.

After they had eaten for some time he called out something, I could not hear what, but it sounded like bad Latin.

All the rest immediately stopped eating and gathered round him.

He took a number of strange looking nets from two or three of the creatures and distributed them amongst the others.

At once returning to the fungi bed they proceeded to fill them with the fungi.

Several of them came near to where I was lying.