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Next we entered one of smaller dimensions.

On the sandy floor were small heaps of bluish white hair, resembling that on their bodies, but emitting no light.

This seemed to be a sleeping apartment, and the heaps of hair beds.

Here they stopped, and laying me on one of the heaps left the cave, the white female alone remaining.

She seated herself on some hair near me, and looked at me with interest.

I lay back, wondering what would next happen.

She gave a sharp cry, startling me considerably. One of the smaller creatures appeared at the entrance.

She said something to her—I could not catch the words—and she at once disappeared, returning shortly, carrying in her hands a piece of hollow lava containing some water.

This she placed near me, and left the cave.

The white female then addressed me, and said in Latin—"Wash your wounds."

(In future I shall translate their bastard Latin—as near the literal meaning as I can, and merely give the English.)

I felt some slight embarrassment in doing as she made me before her, she looked so human.