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But as she made no movement it was plain she did not intend to go.

I had been buried in a suit of my pyjamas.

So, removing the coat, I examined myself and found I was very much bruised and cut about the chest and shoulders from my fall, and covered with blood.

So I proceeded to wash it away.

Whilst I was doing so, she advanced to where I was, and, touching my shoulder, said "beautiful."

The situation was becoming critical, so I hurried on my coat and sat down again.

When J had done so, she littered another cry, and the servant (for such she undoubtedly was) appeared at the opening as before.

The white female uttered something and the servant disappeared, soon appearing again, this time with some fungi.

Placing them on the ground, she retired.

The white female handed me a piece, and taking some herself began to eat it.

I hesitated to follow her example, and she, noticing my uncertainty, seemed surprised, and said "eat."

I felt very faint and hungry, so, without hesitating any longer, took a bite and chewed it.

The taste was by no means unpleasant, and