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vault was the only outlet I knew of, and that with its stench and blackness was worse than death.

So I determined to let events take their course.

Having decided, I commenced to look about me. My eyes first fell on the white female sleeping within a few feet of me.

What an awful monstrosity!

That horrible unsightly head!

By the light her body gave forth, I was able to examine the place we were in.

It was about thirty feet long by about the same width.

The walls were perfectly smooth from ground to roof.

It was some twelve feet above me, and composed of rough rocks, lava, pumice stone, and crystals, the same as the sides of the cave I had first been in.

There was nothing but the heaps of hair in it.

On the walls I saw some curious drawings.

One in particular was the body of a woman, but instead of having the frightful baboon's head, had that of a human being.

The drawing or rather carving was six feet high and originally must have been cut fully an inch into the rock, and seemed to have been done at some very remote date, as in some places I could hardly trace the outline.