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"Suddenly the roof of the cave in which they were standing opened, and there fell through a creature like you, but with long hair on its head.

"It was covered all over with things it could take off and put on again. It was not hurt, as it had fallen into a pool of water. On its appearance the earth was still again.

"When all was over there were very few of them left, for besides those that had been killed in the burning stuff, numbers had been crushed under the falling rocks.

"They tried to go into the light, but found they were unable to; the earth had covered the place they had come in at.

"They had nothing to eat and wandered about for some time in the dark.

"But at length they found some of those things that give light. They ate them and lived on nothing else. The female (for such they found her to be) cried for a long time. But at length she also ate them.

"One of my ancestors had lost his female during the earth-shaking, so he took her.

"She had some young ones.

"The first was white with the exception of its head—that was like its father—but it could not walk as she did.