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"The next was still more like her, could stand erect and had no tail.

"These she taught to make a noise which she understood.

After having four young ones she died, and they bred amongst themselves and had a number of young ones who also bred white creatures with tails, and all covered with hair.

"They all obeyed the one who was most like the white female.

They could all understand each other as we now do.

"After they had been a long time in the caves in the dark—feeding on the things that gave light—they also lighted up things around them, very little at first, but afterwards the light became stronger.

"A long time elapsed, and then the earth again shook.

"All the original creatures were dead, and there remained only those who had been born since the white female came. These were of many shapes.

"Some of them were like I am; others had tails, some long ones, others short; some could walk erect, others used their hands as well as their legs.

"Some were all covered with hair; some only half covered.