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"As time went on they began to degenerate and get more hairy. But all could walk without using their arms.

"Then it was seldom any were born like I am, and those who were the others always obeyed.

"There are none like me now. All have dark hair, and I am afraid there will not be another white one born amongst them. But as time goes on their young ones' young ones will become more and more like what we were before the white female came.

"Even now there are some of us who cannot talk, though they understand those who can.

"And to my sorrow some short time ago I saw a young one with a long tail who used its arms to help it along.

"I had it killed, as I did not wish it to breed, but was certain it will be of no use, as others are sure to be born like it.

"But now I am happy. You, I feel convinced, were sent here to help me.

"Therefore, I have saved your life that you may live with me. Our young ones will again be white. You shall be the head of us—and will save us from again becoming such as we were long ago."

Having finished the tale she came and sat near me. How awful, I thought, to be compelled to live with a monstrosity like this.