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"You shall live in this small cave with me."

She gave a cry.

The servant instantly appeared at the opening. The white female spoke to her. She left, and in a few moments the leader of the fungi gatherers walked in.

She said something to him; he retired, and shortly returned, followed by about a dozen of the horrible male creatures.

Turning to me, she asked which I would have. I picked two of the smallest and weakest.

Touching them, I said "These."

"Good!" she said; then waving her hands to the others, "Go."

They left at once.

The two I had chosen took up positions, one on each side of me.

I determined I would have another look at the place through which I had fallen into the cave, and see if I could not find some means of escaping.

When do you send to the cave for fungiĀ ?" I asked.

"Soon," she replied.

"I should like to go."

"I will come with you," she said.

Feeling very tired, I signified I should like to sleep.