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Immediately the two phosphorescent creatures who were my servants put together several heaps of hair. On this I stretched myself, and very soon in my dreams was far away from this horrible place.

I had no way of counting time, so do not know how long I slept; but when I awoke I felt something round my neck, and found it was the arm of the white female, who was lying on the hair beside me.

The two servants had retired to one corner of the cave.

Finding her so close to me, I started.

My movement awakened her.

She removed her arm, at which I felt greatly relieved.

"When are you going to the fungi cave?"

"We will go now," she answered. Rising she spoke to the servants.

They both left the cave.

Bending down she put her arms round me, and lifting me up, kissed me. I was afraid to utter a cry, in case she might get in a rage and kill me. Her strength was wonderful. She raised me from the ground as if I had been a baby. No words can sufficiently express the revulsion I felt at her caress. But it was no use making a noise. In her embrace I was powerless.