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went to the fungi cave, bring it back, and put it in her hair bed before she went to sleep.

It would bite her; she would die, and I should be freed from her persecutions.

It would not kill me, as the other bite had had no effect.

But if it did, that death would be preferable to being burned, or to living as her husband. Cruel, cowardly, wicked as it may seem, I had no compunction in deciding to kill this creature who had saved my life, but was feverish with desire to accomplish the murder, and only longed to know that she was dead.

Having decided on my mode of action, I rose from the hair I had been sitting on. Just as I did so, the white female entered the cave, carrying water and some fungi.

She came towards me, and, placing these on the floor, told me to eat and drink.

My conscience smote me.

What right had I to take the life of this creature, who only seemed to think of my welfare?

I cast these thoughts from me, and determined that nothing should divert me from my purpose.

Yet I would give her one more chance, and see if there was any other way of escaping her embraces.

She had thrown herself on some hair at my feet, and was watching me.