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Turning to her, I said, "Do you care for me very much?"

She looked surprised and answered, "Of course, or else I should not want you to live with me."

"Supposing I were to die now, what would you do?" I asked.

"You will not die yet," she said, and smiled.

The answer and smile combined settled her fate.

Nothing should force me to submit to be kissed by those repulsive-looking lips, and to have that baboon's head resting on my breast.

Yes! Away with all remorse and compunction.

She must die.

"When do you go again to the cave of snakes?" I enquired.

"After we sleep, some of the servants start," she answered. "I shall go with them," I said. "Why do you want to go?" "Why will you not stop here with me?" she asked. "I am tired of remaining in this cave. I shall not be absent long. You wait here until return," I said.

"Then you will stay with me altogether?"

I nodded my head, and stretching myself on some hair, fell asleep.

When I awoke the female was sitting near my feet, and the light from her body made visible every thing within a few yards.