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Acoustics, Light, and Heat. By W. Lees. Pp. 300. New York: Putnams. Price, $1.50.

The student who is acquainted with the elements of mathematical and physical science will find this little work a very convenient manual for self-instruction in the branches of science of which it treats. The illustrations are very numerous, and greatly facilitate the understanding of the text.

Proceedings of the Poughkeepsie Society of Natural Science. Vol. I, Part I. Pp. 150.

This work contains a number of very valuable memoirs, among which may be named the following: "White Mildews," by W. R. Gerard, who also has a learned paper on "Insects as Food;" two papers on the "Thermoscope," by Prof. L. R. Cooley; "Habits of the Wasp, Polistes fucatus," by Rev. H. T. Hickok; "Fungus-Eating," by Dr. E. H. Parker; and "Inclination of the Earth's Axis," by C. B. Warring.

Western Review of Science and Industry. Monthly. Pp. 64. Kansas City, Mo.: Journal of Commerce print. Price, $2.50 per annum.

We have received the first number of the above-named periodical, which we cordially welcome to the field of scientific journalism. It contains articles, original and selected, on topics connected with archaeology, physiology, engineering, meteorology, and agriculture. The editor aims at filling his pages with useful and practical information for the people, conveyed in plain and simple language. This enterprise deserves, and we hope will receive, liberal support from the public.

Analysis of Milk. By E. H. von Baumhauer. Pp. 34. New York: Trow & Son print.

We have here, reprinted from the American Chemist, Dr. Carrington Bolton's translation of a paper read by Mr. Baumhauer at the Buffalo meeting of the American Association. It contains a description of a new method for determining the essential constituents of milk, especially designed for the use of chemists who may be called on to testify as experts in courts of justice.

Myelitis of the Anterior Horns. By E. C. Seguin, M. D. Pp. 120. New York: Putnams. Price, $1.50.

This monograph is of interest only to medical men. The substance of it was contained in a lecture by the author, printed for private circulation only. In the present volume a number of new cases of the disease are cited.

The Metric System. Pp. 12. Boston: Press of Rockwell & Churchill.

This is the report of a standing committee of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers, favoring the adoption of the metric system of weights and measures. The committee first report on the growth of this system in public favor; then they state the result of invitations to united action addressed by the Society to kindred organizations throughout the country; next follows the text of the Society's memorial to Congress praying for the enactment of laws establishing the metric system.

The Ancient Glaciers of New Zealand. By I. C. Russell. Pp. 13. With Map.

This is a paper reprinted from the "Annals" of the New York Lyceum of Natural History. The facts noted by the author seem to point to a time of extreme cold in the southern hemisphere, answering to the glacial epoch of the northern.

Natural History of Illinois. Pp. 76. With Plates. Bloomington, Ill.: Pantagraph Printing-House.

We have here Bulletin No. 1 of the Illinois Museum of Natural History, containing papers on "Illinois Crustacea," "The Tree in Winter," "Sodic Pinate as a Test for Lime," a "Partial Catalogue of the Fishes of Illinois," "Parasitic Fungi," and "The Orthoptera of Illinois."

Topographical Surveys and the Public Health. By J. T. Gardner. Pp. 10. Albany: Argus print.

The thesis here defended by Mr. Gardner is, that the sources of many prevailing diseases are to be found in various natural conditions of the earth's form and substance, as well as in soils polluted by man. The geographer and the physician must work together in the study of the public health.