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Geographical Surveys in the United States. By G. K. Warren. Pp. 28. Washington: Judd & Detweiler.

General Warren here undertakes to "correct the erroneous estimate of the geographical work of officers of the United States, made by one of our countrymen," viz., Prof. J. D. Whitney, in his article on "Geographical Surveys," which was published in the North American Review for July, 1875.

Report of the New York Meteorological Observatory (1874-'75.) By D. Draper.

Mr. Draper gives a description of an improvement in the rain-gauge, and of a self-recording pencil thermometer—both being the fruits of his own researches and mechanical ingenuity. The report further contains the usual annual and monthly tables of meteorological phenomena.

A Century's Progress in American Zoology. By A. S. Packard, Jr. Pp. 8.

Prof. Packard, within the narrow limits of this too brief essay, contrives to give a very readable account of the progress of zoölogy in the United States. To Barton he assigns the honor of being the first American zoölogist whose works have been published here. Barton's memoir on the "Fascination of the Rattlesnake," and on the "Generation of the Opossum," appeared, the first in 1796, and the second in 1801. At present zoölogy in the United States is, according to Prof. Packard, very backward as compared with Germany, France, and England. We are about on a level with the Scandinavians and the Dutch; but, with our energy and native ability, and the aid of well-endowed colleges and museums, we may hope hereafter to compete even with Germany.

Kindergarten Messenger. Cambridge: Elizabeth P. Peabody. Pp. 32. Six numbers a year. Subscription price, $1 per annum.

It is to be hoped that the energetic editor and publisher of this useful magazine will receive such encouragement from the public as will warrant her in continuing its publication. The Kindergarten system has no more able exponent in the United States than Miss Peabody.


Gold and Debt. By W. L. Fawcett. Chicago: S. C. Griggs & Co. Pp. 270. Price, $1.75.

Handbook of Hygiene. By G. Wilson, M. D. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston. Pp. 520. Price, $3.50.

Turkey. By J. Baker. New York: Holt & Co. Pp. 515, with Two Colored Maps. Price, $4.

Annual Record of Science and Industry. By S. F. Baird. New York: Harpers. Pp. 845. Price, $2.

Lightning Protection. By H. W. Spang. Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Pp. 180. Price, $1.50.

Ancient Society. By L. H. Morgan, LL. D. New York: Holt & Co. Pp. 576. Price, $4.

Anonymous Hypothesis of Creation. By J. J. Furniss. New York: C. P. Somerby. Pp. 54.

Personal Immortality. By J. Oppenheim. New York: C.P. Somerby. Pp. 98.

Theoretical Chemistry. By Dr. Ira Remsen. Philadelphia: H. C. Lea. Pp. 232. Price, $1.25.

Primer of Chemistry. By A. Vacher. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston. Pp. 116. Price, 50 cents.

Forces of Nature. Part I. By A. Guillemin. New York: Mcmillan. Pp. 40, with Illustrations. Price, 40 cents.

Atlas of the Geology of a Portion of the Uinta Mountains. By J. W. Powell. New York: Julius Bien, lithographer.

Report of Ohio State Fish Commission. Columbus: Nevins & Myers print. Pp. 96.

Ages of Sun and Fixed Stars. Pp. 4. Meteoric Fireballs. Pp. 7. By D. Kirkwood.

Utah Dialects. By E. A. Barber. Extracted from Hayden's Reports. Pp. 13.

Physiology of the Brain. Pp. 15. Reflex Motor Symptoms. Pp. 16. By Dr. E. Dupuy. New York: Appletons.

Errors of Refraction. By Dr. F. A. Munson. Albany: Riggs print. Pp. 11.

Valuation of Fertilizers. By A. R. Ledoux. Raleigh, N. C.: Observer print. Pp. 15.

Western Diptera. By C. R. Osten-Sacken. From Hayden's Reports. Pp. 163.

Report of the Directors of the Philadelphia Zoölogical Society. Pp. 36.

Growth of Children. By Dr. H. P. Bowditch. From Massachusetts Health Board Report. Pp. 51.

Kings County Medical Society Proceedings. Pp. 18.

Eruptive Mountains in Colorado. By Dr. A. C. Peale. From Hayden's Reports. Pp. 14.

Bulletin of the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Territories. T. V. Hayden in charge. Vol. III., No. 1, pp. 185; No. 2, pp. 339. Washington: Government Printing-Office.

Bulletin I. of United States Entomological Commission. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 12.

Quadrature of Circle. By R. K. Carter. Chester, Pa.: Spencer print. Pp. 12.

Rules of English Conversation Club at Kolozsvar. Pp. 19.

Johns Hopkins University Second Annual Report. Pp. 50.

Blue-Glass Cure. By Dr. E. B. Foote. Pp. 63. Price, 10 cents.

Overturning the World. By Dr. G. M. Ramsey. New York: McBreen print. Pp. 27.

Dakota Calendar. By Lientenant-Colonel G. Mallery. From Hayden's Reports. Pp 25.

Paleontological Paper. By Dr. C. A. White. From Hayden's Reports. Pp. 30.