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Grape-Culture 254
Grinnell, G. B., Sketch of Prof. Marsh 612
Grote, A. R., Man and his Structural Affinities 429
Growth of Photography 119
Growth of the Steam-Engine 64
Gymnastics, The Age of 129

Hallucinations of the Senses 698
Hanging, The Question of Pain in 349
Harpy Eagle 250
Hartt, O. F., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 231
Hasheesh 482
Health-Lift, Disadvantages of the 254
Henry, Joseph 365
How New York Got a College 106
How Sound and Words are Produced. (Illustrated.) 43
Huxley's Address at the Harvey Tricentenary 396
Huxley, Progress of Anthropology 668

Illustrations of the Logic of Science 203
Illustrations of the Logic of Science 470

Infant's, An, Progress in Language 587

Journalism, Progress of 241

Lake-Dwellers, How They Lived 639
Land, Clearing of, with Dynamite 120
Land-Slides, Remarkable 121
Language, an Infant's Progress in 587
Le Conte, J., Science and Mental Improvement 96
Lewes, G. H., The Dread and Dislike of Science 410
Liberty of Science and Education 107
Life, Monera and the Problem of 455
Lightning-Rods 509
Liquefaction of the Gases. (Illustrated.) 78
Lockyer, J. N., Water-Waves and Sound-Waves 166
Locomotive-Whistles 126
Logic of Probabilities 236
Logic of Science 203
Logic of Science 470

Magnets, Floating, an Experiment with 380
Man and his Structural Affinities. (Illustrated.) 429
Mars, its Inner Moon 383
Marsh, O. C, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 612
Materialism, The Radical Fallacy of 354
Maudsley, Dr., Hallucinations of the Senses 698
Medico-Psychological Rubbish 507
Meteorological Notes 125
Meteorological Notes 636
Metric Reform 82
Monera and the Problem of Life 455
Monera and the Problem of Life 563
Monera and the Problem of Life 677
Monkeys, their Dislike for Snakes 379