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"Qualitative Chemical Analysis" (Douglass and Prescott) 135
"Some Thoughts concerning Education" (Locke) 135
"The New Text-Book of Physics" (Cooley) 135
"Eminent Israelites of the Nineteenth Century" (Morals) 136
"Manual of Hydraulic Mining" (Van Wagenen) 136
"Deep-Sea Sounding and Dredging" (Sigsbee) 136
"Odontornithes" (Marsh) 270
"German Thought" (Hillebrand) 272
"The Elementary Principles of Scientific Agriculture" (Lupton) 273
"Summer-Land Sketches" (Oswald) 274
"An Elementary Treatise on Analytical Geometry" (Bowser) 275
"The Minor Arts" (Leland) 275
"The Textile Record of America" (Nagle and Ryckman) 276
"Diseases of the Throat and Nose" (Mackenzie) 276
"Memoirs of the Science Department, University of Tokio, Japan" (Mendenhall) 276
"The Atomic Theory" (Wurtz) 418
"The Skin in Health and Disease" (Bulkley) 420
"A Text-Book of the Physiological Chemistry of the Animal Body" (Gamgee) 421
"A Physical Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" (Gordon) 421
"School and Industrial Hygiene" (Lincoln) 422
"The Ocean as a Health-Resort" (Wilson) 423
"The Philosophy of Mathematics" (Bledsoe) 423
"The Orthopist" (Ayres) 423
"What to do first in Accidents or Poisoning" (Dallas) 424
"Scotch Sermons" 559
"Modern Thinkers" (Denslow and Ingersoll) 562
"The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism" (Sargent) 564
"Progress and Poverty" (George) 564
"Medical Heresies historically considered" (Smythe) 665
"Passages from the Prose Writings of Matthew Arnold" 565
"The Journal of Physiology" (Foster) 565
"The Beautiful and the Sublime" (Kedney) 566
"A New School Physiology" (Dunglison) 566
"Diphtheria: Its Cause, Nature, and Treatment" (Gregg) 566
"Animal Life as affected by the Natural Conditions of Existence" (Semper) 698
"Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army" 701
"Life and her Children" (Buckley) 701
"Transcendental Physics" (Zöllner and Massey) 702
"Consumption, and how to prevent it" (Mays) 703
"British Thought and Thinkers" (Morris) 703
"Elementary Projection-Drawing" (Warren) 704
"Practical Plane Geometry and Projection" (Angel) 704
"The Publishers' Trade-List Annual, 1880" 704
"The Geology of Hudson County, New Jersey" (Russell) 704
"An Elementary Course of Geometrical Drawing" (Vose) 705
"Among Machines" 705
"Telegraphic Determination of Longitudes on the East Coast of South America" (Green, Davis, and Norris) 705