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I N D E X.

Abbott, Benjamin Vaughan 372
Aborigines, The Australian 680
Academy of Sciences, Minnesota 131
Accidents, Industrial, etc. 285
African Races, Movements and Mixtures of 568
Agnosticism at Harvard 266
Air-Engine, The Mékarski 429
Air, Impure, and Disease 283
Alcohol, Natural Production of 238
American Association at Cincinnati, The 859
American Association, The Meeting of 422
American Continent, The Primeval 229
Animal Heat, Refrigeration and 278
Animals, the Larger, Gradual Disappearance of 280
Another World down here 43
Anthropology, German 132
Anthropology in Russia 284
Anti-vivisectionists, A Case for the 409
Ants, Cutting and Slave-making 129
Ants, Intelligence of 495
Ants, Intelligence of 816
Arrow-Poison of the South-Sea Islands 714
Arsenical Poisoning, Physiology of 134
Asphalt, Origin and Uses of 539
Atwater, Professor W. O. 261

Behring Strait, Geological Features of 130
Bell, Alexander Graham 186
Bell, Alexander Graham 324
Biblical Criticism, The Science of 408
Blood, The, and its Circulation 460
Blood, The, and its Circulation 644
Books noticed:
"Studies from the Biological Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University" 116
"The Irish Land Question" (George) 119
"Medical Hints on the Production and Management of the Singing Voice" (Browne) 119
"Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1878" 120
"Photometric Researches" (Pickering) 120
"Studies of the Food of Birds, Insects, and Fishes" 120
"United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries," Report for 1878 121
"Natural Theology" (Bascom) 121